• Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör
  • Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör
  • Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör
Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör

Yamaha WX 030 Network/ Bluetooth Hoparlör

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MusicCast is a new revolution in network audio, use all your MusicCast
products together or separately, it’s completely up to you. Control it, all
from one app, designed to be intuitive, quick and simple to use. Use a
soundbar, a Kablosuz speaker, an AV Receiver, HiFi audio whichever suits you
best, mix and match then expand your MusicCast system as time goes on. All new
from Yamaha, the MusicCast system brings everything to everywhere for everyone.

more details, please visit MusicCast special page.

Everything's connected

Enjoy content from any MusicCast-compatible device-or any Blu-ray or CD
player connected to it — in any room in your house. You can also connect using
DLNA to enjoy music stored on your PC or NAS.

Enjoy music via Bluetooth® and from streaming music services

Stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or
AirPlay, and enjoy unlimited content from commercial streaming services. Use
the MusicCast CONTROLLER app to pause/play and adjust the volume from your
smart device.

* Streaming service availability varies by region.

Bluetooth output for convenient music streaming

The WX-030 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, making
Kablosuz operation more convenient than ever. You can stream music from the
WX-030 to Bluetooth headphones for private listening or to Bluetooth speakers.

Richer sound and deeper bass in a tiny package

The amazing sound is thanks to the two-way speaker design coupled with
Yamaha’s DSP magic. A large passive radiator is the secret ingredient that
enables deep bass to be produced from such a compact unit, while the onboard
Music Enhancer smoothing out the stretched-out highs and muddled mids
associated with over-compressed MP3 files. High-quality formats such as WAV,
FLAC and ALAC are also fully supported. From pop to rock—everything sounds as
it should.

Clean design, refreshing ease of use

The clean, simple design of the speaker allows it to fit right in, and
its compact size makes it perfect for use in the kitchen or by the bedside, for
instance. You can even mount it on a wall. A single touchsensitive düğmesi
switches the speaker on, opening up infinite ways to enjoy your WX-030 Kablosuz

Easy setup with your smartphone or tablet

Use your smartphone or tablet together with the MusicCast CONTROLLER
app to operate the speaker and change settings quickly and easily. The same
Controller app functions as a remote control for all your MusicCast-compatible
devices too.








Ver. 2.1 + EDR / A2DP, AVRCP

Audio Codec

SBC, AAC* (*Receiving Only)

Maksimum Communication Range

10 m / 38.2 ft. 10 in. (without



Speaker Unit

9 cm (3-1/2") Woofer x 1, 3 cm
(1-1/8") Tweeter x 1, Passive radiator x 1

Maksimum Çıkış Gücü

30W x 1 (6Ω, 1 kHz, 10% THD)

Güç Kaynağı


Güç Tüketimi

10 W

Standby Güç Tüketimi

2.1 W (Network Standby ON, Bluetooth
Standby ON, Kablosuz connection), 0.5 W (Network and Bluetooth Standby OFF)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

243 x 157 x 113 mm; 9-5/8" x
6-1/8" x 4-1/2"


2.2 kg; 4.9 lbs

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