Samsung EO-BG950CWEGWW Flex Kablosuz Kulaklık - Beyaz

Ürün Kodu: 963727
- GTIN: 8806088786728
Samsung Türkiye

Ürün Bilgisi

Samsung EO-BG950CWEGWW Flex Kablosuz Kulaklık - Beyaz Kulak İçi Kulaklık

Özellik AdıDeğer
Takma tipiKulak içi, Boyun bandı
Kulaklık türüBinoral
Ürün rengiBeyaz
Bağlantı teknolojisiKablosuz
Kulaklık çeşidiKulak içi

Shaped for performance

Take comfort in sound. With its flexible neckband, Samsung U Flex Headphones are designed to fit perfectly and keep working wherever you need them, whether at the gym, commuting to work or out jogging.

*To avoid product disfiguration and malfunction the neckband should not be bent more than 100 degrees.

Premium sound Dinamiks

Be good to your music. Samsung U Flex Headphones are engineered with two-way speakers, consisting of 11mm woofers and 8mm tweeters, so that every note is truly accurate across the entire frequency spectrum.

Non-stop music enjoyment

Keep your music flowing without interruption. Samsung U Flex Headphones’ proprietary Scalable Codec technology optimizes audio performance despite radio interference to ensure continuous, stable Bluetooth sound.

*The scalable Codec is compatible with selected Samsung smartphones using Android 7.0 or later OS versions.

Bixby responds to you

Stay productive with little effort. With integrated Bixby support, Samsung U Flex Headphones lets you do things conveniently through voice command. Simply talk after pressing or while holding the active düğmesi and Bixby will start working for you even while your smartphone is in your pocket.

*Bixby or S Voice is compatible with selected Samsung mobile devices, including Galaxy S8 and S8+. **Bixby or S Voice service availability may vary by country and by individual situation.

Product Details

*Features düğmesi might be inactive depending on the connected device or application.

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