GlacialTech Glacıaltech Igloo 7222, Amd Am2 Işlemci Soğutucu Fan

GlacialTech Glacıaltech Igloo 7222, Amd Am2 Işlemci Soğutucu

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Compatible with Sockets: 754/939/940/AM2
Manufacturer: Glacialtech
Model No.: Igloo 7222
Socket: AM2, F/C32, S754, S939, S940;
Compatibility: AMD Athlon 64/Athlon 64 FX/Athlon 64 X2/Opteron Dual-Core Opteron/Second-Generation Opteron/Sempron;
Heat sink material: aluminium;
Number of fans: 1;
Fan dimension (LxWxH): 70x70x15 mm;
Speed of rotation: 3200 rpm;
Air flow: 22.4 CFM;
Noise level: 26 dB;
Bearing type: 1x rolling and 1x slip;
GlacialTech Inc., the worldwide leading thermal solution provider, today introduced CPU coolers of Igloo 7222 Series for PC builders to build AMD desktop PC systems. Igloo 7222 series is good cooling solution for A MD Athlon ™ 64 and Opteron ™ Processor Family.
Igloo 7222 series is designed to replace the Igloo 7221 series and includes the models of CPU coolers Igloo 7222 Light and Igloo 7222 which have different noise and performance levels.

As the successor of Igloo 7221 series, Igloo 7222 series is designed on the basis of aluminum heat sink and weights about 280 grams. Compared with other brand CPU coolers of similar weight and noise level, Igloo 7222 series can deliver better thermal performance than many other brands. Igloo 7222 series is very good low cost AMD cooling solutions for PC builders.

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