GlacialTech Igloo 7300 AMD İşlemci Soğutucu

  • GlacialTech Igloo 7300 AMD İşlemci Soğutucu

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  • Ürün Tipi: Soğutucu
  • Kullanım Yeri: İşlemci
GlacialTech Glacialtech Igloo 7300 Series Amd Cpu Soğutucu Fan
10,22 TL KDV
+ Kargo Bedeli: ₺5,90 %2 İNDİRİMLİ Önceki Fiyat: 10,38 TL SATIN AL

Ürün Kodu: 617653

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Igloo 7300 Series Amd Socket 754 / 939 / 940 Coler
GlacialTech Inc. , the worldwide leading thermal solution provider, today introduced Igloo 7300 series CPU coolers for PC builders to build the AMD 64 desktop PC system. Igloo 7300 series include the models of CPU coolers Igloo 7300 Light, Igloo 7300, Igloo 7300 Pro and Igloo 7300 TC.
The PC builders can choose the model of different sound and performance levels of Igloo 7300 Light (21 dBA) or Igloo 7300 (27 dBA) to build their PC system. Igloo 7300 Pro is an aluminum cooler with the best price performance ratio for overclockers. Igloo 7300 TC is designed with the temperature controlled fan and has the noise level between 18 dBA to 35 dBA. When CPU environment temperature goes up the fan will automatically increase the speed to cool down the CPU.
Igloo 7300 TC is also the ideal model for PC builder to build PC system.

GlacialTech tunes the thermal design parameters to the optimal conditions, Igloo 7300 series can deliver even better quality of performance and noise levels than other brands of copper based coolers. Igloo 7300 series bring very good price performance ratio for PC builders to build their PC system with reasonable cost .

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