Eneo SLS-ENEO-EHL-W/ECLKA Güvenlik Kamerası

  • Eneo SLS-ENEO-EHL-W/ECLKA Güvenlik Kamerası
Eneo Su Geçirmeyen Muhafaza Kutusu (300mm), Isıtıcılı (thermostat), Asma Aparatı Cihaza Dahil, Ral9002, 230vac
( Weatherproof Housing (300mm) W. Heater, Thermostat, Wall Bracket, Ral9002, 230vac)
Su Geçirmeyen Muhafaza Kutusu (300mm), Isıtıcılı (Thermostat), Asma Aparatı cihaza dahil, RAL9002, 230VAC( Weatherproof Housing (300mm) w. Heater, Thermostat, Wall Bracket, RAL9002, 230VAC)

- Camera Weatherprotection with integrated Sunshield
- Fold-down Aluminium Housing Body
- UV Resistant ABS Plastic Front and Back Part
- 3mm Glass Front Window
- Accepts Camera & Lens Combinations up to 252mm
- Insulated Camera Mounting
- 2 Cable Entry Glands M16x1.5mm
- 230V Window Heater Included
- Protection Rating IP66
- Surface RAL9002
- Wall Bracket with Swivel Head Included
- Option: PSU 12/24V, Blower Kit, Camera Support Kit
- Maximum installation length: 252mm
- Max. camera size (LxWxH): 252x85x75mm
- Space for power supply: 50mm
- Cable entries: 2x M16x1.5mm for cable diameter 4.5~10mm, under removeable cover
- Window heater: Yes, 230V / 40W with thermostat
- Thermostat: On: +15°C, Off: +22°C
- Protection rating: IP66
- Housing: Outdoor housing, Aluminium with plastic covers (ABS)
- Housing material: Auminium
- Colour (housing): RAL9002
- Weight: 2.4kg (incl. wall bracket)
Camera Height Adjustment Kit for VHK and EHL Housings (3 Diff. Slides and Screws)

Blower Kit 230V/50Hz with Thermostat for EHL-W/ECLKA Housing, 230VAC

Camera Connection box, 230VAC Input 24VAC-100W, 12VDC-1A Output

Power Supply Unit 230V/12VDC-400mA for Housings VTL-W/D-N2

Power Supply Unit 230V/12VDC-1.25A for Housings EHL-W/ECLKA and EHL-W/ECLKA-NW

Power Supply Unit 230V/24VAC (400mA) for EHL-W/ECLKA Housing Series

Pole Mount Adapter for 1 Wall Mount, (50-140mm Pole), RAL9002

Pole Mount Adapter for 2 Wall Mounts, (50-140mm Pole), RAL9002