Eneo SLS-ENEO-EHL-W/ECLKA Güvenlik Kamerası

  • Eneo SLS-ENEO-EHL-W/ECLKA Güvenlik Kamerası

Ürün Kodu: 454124

Ürün Bilgisi

Su Geçirmeyen Muhafaza Kutusu (300mm), Isıtıcılı (Thermostat), Asma Aparatı cihaza dahil, RAL9002, 230VAC( Weatherproof Housing (300mm) w. Heater, Thermostat, Wall Bracket, RAL9002, 230VAC)

- Camera Weatherprotection with integrated Sunshield
- Fold-down Aluminium Housing Body
- UV Resistant ABS Plastic Front and Back Part
- 3mm Glass Front Window
- Accepts Camera & Lens Combinations up to 252mm
- Insulated Camera Mounting
- 2 Cable Entry Glands M16x1.5mm
- 230V Window Heater Included
- Protection Rating IP66
- Surface RAL9002
- Wall Bracket with Swivel Head Included
- Option: PSU 12/24V, Blower Kit, Camera Support Kit
- Maximum installation length: 252mm
- Max. camera size (LxWxH): 252x85x75mm
- Space for power supply: 50mm
- Cable entries: 2x M16x1.5mm for cable diameter 4.5~10mm, under removeable cover
- Window heater: Yes, 230V / 40W with thermostat
- Thermostat: On: +15°C, Off: +22°C
- Protection rating: IP66
- Housing: Outdoor housing, Aluminium with plastic covers (ABS)
- Housing material: Auminium
- Colour (housing): RAL9002
- Weight: 2.4kg (incl. wall bracket)
Camera Height Adjustment Kit for VHK and EHL Housings (3 Diff. Slides and Screws)

Blower Kit 230V/50Hz with Thermostat for EHL-W/ECLKA Housing, 230VAC

Camera Connection box, 230VAC Input 24VAC-100W, 12VDC-1A Output

Power Supply Unit 230V/12VDC-400mA for Housings VTL-W/D-N2

Power Supply Unit 230V/12VDC-1.25A for Housings EHL-W/ECLKA and EHL-W/ECLKA-NW

Power Supply Unit 230V/24VAC (400mA) for EHL-W/ECLKA Housing Series

Pole Mount Adapter for 1 Wall Mount, (50-140mm Pole), RAL9002

Pole Mount Adapter for 2 Wall Mounts, (50-140mm Pole), RAL9002

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