• Denon  DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör
  • Denon  DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör
  • Denon  DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör
Denon  DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör Denon  DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör Denon  DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör

Denon DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör

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Denon DSB 200 Envaya Bluetooth Hoparlör



For sensational sound on-the-go, the Denon Envaya™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker features the latest performance advances for listening to music, watching movies, video, TV, or gaming on Bluetooth mobile devices. The sleek, highly compact, simple to use portable speaker system boasts best-in-class performance features, including the latest Bluetooth® aptX® Low Latency CD quality Kablosuz streaming technology, NFC ‘pairing’, and extraordinary sound reproduction capabilities, far beyond its compact size.

The Italian inspired design sports a large aesthetically formed metallic speaker grill, detachable to allow personalisation of the colour scheme by swapping the four included interchangeable colour grill fabrics. The Envaya’s Tipi is truly portable. A single-handed squeeze action releases an integral kick-stand with rubber footer, for stable positioning. After use just grab and squeeze the speaker to close, pickup and go. Operation is amazingly simple via the intuitive tactile düğmesis along the top of the speaker: power on/off , Aux and Bluetooth select, concave / convex volume + / –, and speaker mute, LED pil indicator and NFC tap sensor. 

An Aux input connects any non-Bluetooth audio device with an analogue audio output, and an USB port charges mobile devices. The pil provides 10 hours operation on a single charge. The included 100-240V power adapter includes selection of region plugs for use throughout the world. An optional carrying bag protects the Envaya and stores your accessories on the move.

CD Quality Streaming 
Bluetooth® aptX® Low Latency audio streaming makes the Envaya ideal for listening to music, watching films, TV or video, or for gaming. aptX® is a higher quality Bluetooth streaming format, providing CD quality streaming – as if you were connected to the speaker with an audio kablo. Additionally, the latest aptX® Low Latency streaming provides CD quality with a total end-to-end latency of just 32 milliseconds (ms); far less than the standard Bluetooth latency of than 150 ms (+/-50ms). This effectively eliminates the usual sound to picture time delay anomalies, like ‘lip-sync’ issues, inherent with standard Bluetooth streaming.

Simple Kablosuz Connectivity
NFC pairing lets the user tap any NFC enabled Bluetooth audio device, for automatic pairing with no düğmesi pressing. Multipoint functionality enables up to three devices to pair eşzamanlı with the Envaya, to enable sharing music among friends; the speaker plays one audio stream at a time, switching to another one when the current user pauses their music.

Extraordinary Sound Reproduction
Sound reproduction is far in advance of a normal compact speaker. Dual ‘oversized’ custom developed drivers are paired with a large passive bass radiator. Performance is tuned with a suite of advanced on-board patented signal processing technologies that ‘intelligently’ provide the best possible sound performance from any connected signal source.

• Connects to all your Bluetooth devices
• Premium Sound from the Hi-Fi specialist
• Charges your mobile device on the go
• Grab-n-go with 10-hour Şarj Edilebilir Pil
• Available in black and white
• Includes 4 Interchangeable Grille Cloth Covers
• Optional carrying bag: protect your DSB200 while taking it along and store your accessories along

Enjoy the 360 view of the black or white Envaya by clicking on the respective picture below.

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