• Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon
  • Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon
  • Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon
Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon

Behringer C1U Condenser s Mikrofon

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Professional, large-diaphragm condenser Mikrofon with built-in USBinterface, ideal for podcasters and musicians

Plug this amazing USB-mic straight into your computer and turn your PCor Mac* computer into a recording system without the need for any otherhardware

Directly works with your PC or Mac computer—ultra-low latency ASIO*driver for PC audio optimization available at behringer.com

Exceptionally flat frequency response and ultra-high sound resolutionperfect for voice, acoustic instruments, etc.

Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation andfeedback rejection

Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted capsule

Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable at behringer.com

USB connection kablo included

Swivel stand mount included

Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body

3-Yıl Warranty Program*

Designed and engineered in Germany


The C-1U is a digital home recording or podcasting enthusiast’s dreamcome true. This professional-quality condenser Mikrofon is identical to theacclaimed C-1 mic, with one awesome difference: it has a builtin USB interfaceso you can be ready to record faster than ever – and with minimal preparationand equipment. We’ve even included a USB kablo and swivel mic stand mount, sojust plug it into your computer and start recording!

What is a USB Condenser Mikrofon

The primary type of Mikrofon used in recording studios and radiostations, condenser Mikrofons are the ideal choice for capturing vocals andacoustic instruments. Unlike a Dinamik Mikrofon, a condenser Mikrofoncollects sound from throughout an environment such as a room, rather than onlypicking up what’s happening directly in front of it. It is capable of capturingmuch more detail with a wider, flatter frequency response. But conventional condenserMikrofons aren’t designed to interface with a computer – you also have toprovide a Mikrofon preamplifier and an analog-to-USB interface. The C-1Ufeatures a built-in USB interface that derives the needed power directly fromyour computer’s USB input and requires no special drivers. Just plug in andstart recording your masterpiece!

Sound That Astounds!

The incredible C-1U has an exceptionally-fl at frequency response andpristine sonic resolution that ensures content-rich audio that is as naturalsounding as the original source. The cardioid pickup pattern providesunparalleled sound source separation and feedback rejection. Thanks to itsultralow noise, transformerless FET input circuitry the C-1U can handle extremeDinamiks, all the way up to 136 dB, with ruler-fl at frequency response from 40Hz to 20 kHz. Which brings us to software...

Free Would Be Nice!

Because you’ll want to take full advantage of the C-1U’s recording andpodcasting potential, we’ve included all the software you’ll need for audiorecording, editing and even podcasting – all free of charge and downloadablefrom behringer.com. You’ll be ready to go live on your PC or Mac right out ofthe box! We’ve also provided a free download of more than 150 virtualinstruments and FX plug-ins – turning your computer into a powerful home-basedor mobile recording studio from input to output.

Compose. Record. Mix. Share.

Tracktion is one of the world’s fastest and easiest Digital AudioWorkstations (DAW) for composing, recording, editing, mixing and sharing yourmusic with the world. Featuring a single-screen interface, and pushing theenvelope in design elegance, Tracktion brings together outstanding Pro DAWfeatures, such as Dinamik automation, unlimited track count, MIDI recording andsupport for VST and AU plug-ins. This powerful music production software givesyou all the tools of an entire professional-grade recording studio. Learning aDAW has never been easier, thanks to their vast and readily available libraryof resources. As our way of saying "Thank You” when you register your XENYXC-1U at behringer.com, we’ll reward you with a complimentary download code forthe full version of Tracktion. Recording and editing couldn’t be easier. Tolearn more, visit tracktion.com/support/videos. Share the Love. Visittracktion.com for more

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